Life begin at the end of your comfort zone

The concept of “comfort zone” is of public domain. Comfort zone is the expression used to indicate that security area, protection, defence circulated in the space of the newspaper, to the known one this is hardly ever a garden for enthusiasm and implementation. It is an expression of a flat life of a square mentality, an action taken by preset action, premeditated by moves that do not contemplate the possibility of a risk. It is a land that has already been beaten by millions of other feet where reliability relief is, in the end, to transform into oppressive statics: It is well known that only where there is movement, external or internal, is throbbing the heart.


The “comfort” therefore, which could apparently transfer a conception of life “comfortable” and therefore also light and carefree, hides behind and inside its essence, a sad truth: the comfort zone, in the long term, is decidedly uncomfortable – uncomfortable. In fact, it is the comfort zone, especially by reaffirming the importance of not being trapped, because the comfort and the special cosiness of this condition are to be regarded as parasites which are clouding subtle between the fold of our concerns, paralysing the free flow of our existence.



The “comfort” that brings to life in this well-limited situation is very partial and in most cases only comes to alleviate a sense of dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s own existence; basking in expectation and self-conviction, dissatisfaction will only turn into a huge boulder on the chest and heart.

Living a life within the limitations of comfort zones means not only accepting but above all seeking and being conducive to a rather standard and repetitive lifestyle. This idea does not imply that the home-work-family scheme is the dogma to be abolished by preferring existences of wandering and adrenaline; leaving the comfort zone does not mean giving up everything and leaving for the Amazon rainforest. On the contrary, it is essential to know that we can enjoy a space or a dimension in which to feel protected, totally detached from the world even if it stands in the centre.


Leaving the comfort zone means, rather, changing our perspective and attitude towards what we consider our daily lives. There is a strong mental association to avoid the concept of normality; how human beings tend to create alibis and justifications to convince ourselves that the life we live is the one we have chosen and want. Recognizing the fears of inadequacy and failure behind which we hide is the first step in understanding whether instead of living we are surviving in an established security perimeter, which certainly protects against the possibility of making mistakes (if we have decided to believe that error exists) but just as tenaciously precludes life rather than stimulating it.


Coming out of comfort zone, it comes into a new optical that embraces the change by making an opportunity an opportunity. It is that one that we are expected to experience and learn empirically, finally finding multiple points of view to all those questions that we thought had only one answer.

There are people facing an unexpected event, out of their plans, they panic; life is a wise teacher because always at the moment when it lets us go to an aseptic routine, it send us signals to interpret and opportunities to be seized before it opts for more traumatic ways and passes to bring us to reconsider our priorities and desires, help us to see, hear, learn. This learning zone is the way in which it feels free and incredibly fiducials falling at the same time because it is beginning to feel the strength of themselves and the world that supports us, around and within us, who are merely waiting to be discovered.



A very simple cartoon as symbolic states that the area outside our comfort zone is the one where the magic happens: of an encounter, of growth, of an upheaval that can be even a small step, an awareness.

For this reason, if you find your comfort zone, abandon it.

Change habits, look with new eyes, take yourself less seriously and more seriously in the desire to rejoice and expand your being, ask for help, live the fullness of a desire and watch it take shape despite it may not be shared or accepted, trust of the instinct that always knows which way to take you, panders to your creativity and your desire to renew yourself, you understand that we are all extremely different, deeply unique and complementary individuals… but especially relax, breathe in your belly, and take this step beyond your personal boundaries that are nothing more than resistance to the opportunity to live authentically.

This is the real magic: always expect the unexpected, saying yes to what is new, to renew your belief in life. Let’s leave comfort to the inept and choose to “be”.