Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism

Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism

When I started studying holistic disciplines, I came across this wonderful knowledge of ancient knowledge from Hawaii.

I would like to share some of this ancient wisdom that has been part of my learning journey.

Every human being is born into a pre-established world from which he or she immediately receives instructions, i.e. teachings on what reality is like and how one should move within it.

Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii :

The Huna Shamanism

The Huna shamans of Hawaii speak of seven Fundamental Principles capable of awakening in everyone the profound knowledge about the mysteries of existence. Seven is translated into Hawaiian by the word HIKU:

HI, meaning ‘flowing’, represents the feminine principle and KU, meaning ‘standing still’, represents the masculine principle.Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism

Hawaiian Shamans address illness by considering it from a purely mental point of view. Every type of illness, from flu to heart failure, stems from an inner conflict and the resulting stress created in the body by resistance to that conflict. 

Here are 7 principles.



The fundamental idea of the Huna philosophy is that each of us – our 3 selves:

* the subconscious self – KU,

* the conscious self – LONO

* and the superconscious or higher self – AUMAKUA

creates its own personal experience of reality, through its beliefs and interpretations, habitual actions and reactions, expectations, fears, desires, thoughts and feelings. We are creators, or rather CO-CREATORS, of the world and Huna teaches how to create consciously.

More generally, this principle says that we have a strong ability to make sense of things. 

If here we think we are wasting our time, that is a belief system and maybe we really are wasting our time if we think like that. If on the other hand we are convinced, that we are doing something good for us or for others, the belief system is different and then we are really doing something good and that is what we will bring home. The responsibility is ours.

We are the ones who decide. It is I who bring my world view to the situation I am in. 

It is I who give the name, the value to things.

Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism



There are no real boundaries between us and our body, between us and other people, us and the world, us and God. In the Huna God and the Universe (i.e. everything that is, was or will be) are one and the same. Classifications, systems, labels are our inventions, they can change, while in reality behind every system there is an essential unity, the source of life, “the great mystery”

Huna means secret, but we know the secret. Both syllables of Huna also convey the meaning of union with that mystery, which is therefore possible as well as desirable.

Any division, any separation is purely functional, conventional, an illusion of convenience. Similarly, there are no limits, for example, to the connections we can have. We can connect with more things, in time, in space. We just have to be open, accept their existence, become aware of them.

Another meaning of this principle is that there is unlimited potential for our creativity.

We can create anything we are able to conceive. We can change everything and at any time we want to, because the world is as we see it. Huna is based on the very creative use of our faculties, the creative manipulation of our thoughts, behaviour, beliefs. The limits are those we set. It is about slowly widening the circle of one’s existence, pushing back the limits, the stakes of what we accept.



Let us always be aware of what we think, what we do, what state of mind we are in, how we live, because that is the direction of the Energy we give.

By learning to increase and direct the mana, the flow of energy, (with words, images, will, enthusiasm, excitement..) we also increase our power, our ability to manifest in reality what we desire and need.

We create a seed, focus energy on it until it manifests in reality. You get what you focus on (for better or for worse). The most direct method of increasing and improving Mana is the transformation of negative attitudes into positive ones. You are aware of and lovingly accept negative thoughts or feelings when they arise, but consciously change them into their opposite.

Wanting to simplify the process of manifestation: the conscious mind focuses attention on something, the subconscious mind treats the object of attention as an actual fact and records its memory/supports it as a belief, the superconscious mind then uses this as a pattern or model against which to create an equivalent physical experience and make it an integral part of our lives. If there is no conflict between belief and doubt, simply focusing attention puts the superconscious mind into action (see synchronicity). 

The purer the attention, the clearer the results will be. Conscious attention is a matter of choice, while subconscious attention is a matter of learned habits. By filling the mind with elevated/spiritual as well as positive thoughts, it channels a different view of the world and life, an attitude of loving trust in the subconscious, the higher self, the body, the universe making it possible to transcend doubts, fears without having to fight them, to achieve one’s goals more easily.



From the present we can change past and future.

We have in the here and now the power to change limiting beliefs related perhaps to past experiences and consciously plant the seeds of a future of our choosing.

The only thing holding us back is to be in doubt, not to act, to linger. The important thing is to do something, to act without fear, but being careful what we do, being aware. Huna is effective. Be careful what we ask for, we may get it. It is when we are concentrated in the present moment that we become more efficient in what we do, because Mana only exists in the moment of awareness.Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism



The deepest meaning of aloha is ‘the joyful (oha) sharing (alo) of Life Energy (ha) in the present moment (alo)’.

It is about listening to one’s own feeling, going in the direction of the heart, flowing with things, letting go, walking in beauty.

It is important to evaluate what we are doing, whether it brings me happiness or not. If it brings me well-being, freedom, love, that’s fine, we develop it, we go in the direction of the heart…. If it does not bring it to me, it is good to take another direction.

One has to be fluid, learn to ride the wave, follow the movements of things like water. If I am moving with joy, dancing, singing, celebrating, then the path is the right one, I am not going in the wrong direction. And the Universe confirms this by manifesting positive events. As within so without…



The name originally given to Huna was ho-omana, which means to create mana, energy, life force. When we know how to create mana, we know how to increase our hidden potentials.

All power comes from within. There is no real power outside of us, because the power of the Universe acts through us in our lives. We are the active channel of this power and our choices and decisions direct it.

No other person can have power over us or our destiny unless we allow them to. We often step outside our power, looking for footholds outside. We believe in the power of a master for example. We hope that someone will pour into us what is actually already there. In reality we just have to realise that it is already there.



There is no absolute truth, but there is effective truth at each level of individual consciousness.

Huna and a very practical system. Any system of knowledge is considered convenient rather than actual. There is always more than one way of doing something.

A different organisation of the same knowledge might be equally valid for other purposes. In other words, all systems are arbitrary.

We are free to use what works best for us, being careful, of course, not to do anything that contradicts the respect of others.Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism

“The definition of personal growth according to one is ‘increasing awareness, capabilities and happiness’ and applies to all forms of consciousness, from atoms to galaxies, whether animal, plant or mineral forms. In humans, the drive towards growth is located in the Ku (subconscious).” – Serge Kahili King, Huna Shaman