Meditating during the Winter Solstice

Meditating during the Winter Solstice

Dear traveling souls ,
on this special day I invite you to find a moment to Meditating during the Winter Solstice

Connecting to Mother Nature, allows you to raise your vibration higher.

Imagine being between heaven and earth and merging with Nature dying and being reborn.
Meditate to create that empty space where light and shadow can meet, recognise and hold each other.

Meditating during the Winter Solstice

Close your eyes and simply imagine the Sun at its lowest declination, a dying Sun that invites you to enter for a moment more into the depths of the Earth, into your inner cave, in touch with your roots and bowels, there where your invisible but essential parts are.


Find back into yourself, contact your purest desires and embrace them, then get ready to hand them over to the child Sun who is about to be reborn and entrust him with all your plans and hopes for renewal.

Let go of what prevents you from shining and concentrate on focusing on your goals, those of your soul not your Ego, those that naturally align with your heart and Destiny.

Stand there, unfiltered and unmediated in the presence of the universal forces and rhythm, and throw up the seeds you have chosen that the new Sun will help grow.
To prepare yourself in the best possible way, start already today to write down your plans and what you want to express in the new historical period ahead. For each new thing also write something to let go and fall without attachment.

Winter Solstice a moment of expansionMeditating during the Winter Solstice

Then bow to the Earth that hosts you and to the Sun that will accompany you in your expansion. Bow to yourself and bless all your riches, gifts, experiences and opportunities, honour all your relationships and bow to the other, to his or her journey, unique and inimitable just like yours.


Vibrate, elevate, welcome the Light and share it.