Sound Drum Healing

Sound Drum Healing

Sound Drum Healing

A mystical journey. An inner listening. A connection with one’s soul that communicates through our unconscious. The rhythm of the drum. The rhythm of your heart. Everything is connected and brings us home. The home of the heart. To explore your unconscious through the vibrations of the drum. To immerse yourself in an atmosphere that brings you deep into connection with your unconscious.


Listen to the steady beat of a drum, 120 to 130 beats per minute, our brain waves move into a theta state.

We enter into a kind of light trance (i.e. our thoughts are consciously interrupted through sound, meditation and visualisation) and we enter a kind of lucid dream.

The drum is an instrument that has been handed down to us by our Ancestors, by those people who lived on earth long before us, before known history could bring us news of their existence.

Our ancestors had a different relationship with things, a truer, more real, more conscious relationship.

More natural.

Before history, before our civilisation, before progress, Man and Woman had a different relationship with nature and in particular with Mother Earth, so much so that they called her the Goddess.

Sound Drum Healing

Drum Vibes : The Effects

With the help of the vibration obtained above all from the percussion and the rhythm of the drum, bring back to our Body , to the memory of our origins and we have the possibility to find again the original contact with the Earth from which we come and from which we receive every day the Vital Energy.

The drum is connected with the element Earth, with our creative centre and therefore with all our potential, which sometimes we do not even know about, or even just lack confidence in.

It is a broadening of one’s sensitivity, but also a letting go, letting it happen, trusting in the creative force of the Universe that expresses itself through the beating of the drum.

The rhythm influences the brainwaves, leading all participants to higher states of consciousness, to the intuition of problem solving, or stimulating the most artistic and creative part of ourselves.

Sometimes abilities emerge where are not known to exist.


It is essential that we rediscover our connection with Mother Earth, and this is made possible through this musical experience which serves to rediscover a sense of our origins.

The drum takes you to places of inner power, places of healing, places of dreaming, places of heart-opening beauty. This vibrational experience allows you to live in the moment, to shift your attention here and now, leaving behind all the thoughts and worries that unnecessarily absorb energy from everyday life.

In the room where the sound massage is performed, stones can be placed, which thanks to their presence and properties contribute to making your experience unique. The drum beats and the earth receives all the things we don’t need, the burdens that slow us down and the obstacles that don’t allow us to achieve our true goals.

The person receiving the massage can concentrate on his or her own breathing, or on the sensations coming from the body caused by the deep vibrations of the drum being played nearby. There should be no expectation or intention, but simply the request to receive what is necessary for the well-being and balance of the person being treated with the sound massage.

The experience is absolutely personal, individual, everyone receives what they need, and it is also related to the current moment, so every experience is different, always.

The effects of a sound treatment with drums can be various, from simple relaxation to deep stimulation of all the cells of our body; but not only that, its sound positively influences the consciousness, giving vitality to one’s creative power, intuition, inspiration, leaving a sense of joy and happiness.

Can be done also in combination with different other instruments, such as the Tibetan Singing Bowls , Gongs etc.

It is recommended when you have to relax , and you don’t you feel you don’t want be touched by others, as in the case of muscle massages, shiatsu treatments or similar. It is much more than a normal physical massage.

It is necessary to repeat the experience a few times in order to fully appreciate its benefits so that our body, but also and above all our mental part, can tune in to this experience which is not part of our ordinary, everyday life.

At the end of the massage we find ourselves regenerated, light, calm, sometimes a little moved, but also energised. The effect can last for several days after the treatment and the sense of well-being can be maintained and enhanced by contact with nature, away from noise, pollution and artificial environments.

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