A way to change
a way to balance the energies of the masculine and the feminine
a way to transform wounds into gifts
a way to stimulate your deep intuition in connection with your body

Be present
Heal yourself

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EVENTS : WHAT we will do together?

Letting ourself express and allowing us to listen and experience our multidimensionality and awareness through different holistic practices.

Events can be related to different topic each month.

Various group meetings, are designed and structured in order to guide and support the process of rediscovery of the body, deep feeling , expressing its authenticity beyond any external conditioning, to change the perspective of our reality with a transformed quality of freedom, well-being, responsibility, self-determination, a journey through different “lands”, guided by the multiple keys that in our journey we will encounter, although we have never had experience in this field.

Sound Healing – Yin Yang Dance – Shamanic Meditation – Ceremonies




This month I wanted to organise something more personal .
A month of grounding in one’s origins

Meditation package customised online to suit your needs

. – 4 meetings –

(Topic yours: Soul Connection, Personal Empowerment – Ancestors Connection – Womb Healing)
4 meditations created just for you. One for each week.

Choose day&time

33 euros

9 OctoberSound Ancestral Healing Ceremony

– 2h – Group max of 8 people – De Pijp

Time : 10.00 a.m. to 12.00
35 euros


17 October – Smaragdplein, Diamantbuurt  – Sound Healing –

Time : 19.00 to 20.30

Personalised meditation online:

Monday 3 October
Thursday 20 October
Monday 31 October

You can book your personalised meditation online
available times . Places are limited, so if you are interested, book your spot and tell us what you need right now. You will then receive all the info for the meeting.

Shots time available :
8.30 to 9.20 a.m.
9.30 a.m. to 10.20 a.m.
10.30 a.m. to 11.20 a.m.


Reservation required. By leaving your email and phone number you will receive all information about Location & Payment Link ( if it’s there is a Fee on the event- Tax are incl. on each Event)

Locations can be in the areas


You will receive information about the Location once you have registered.

Special Offers EVENTS – 4 Events of this month

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    Course The Sacred Womb Healing

    Course The Sacred Womb Healing

    Course The Sacred Womb Healing

    Through this training, you will get in touch with your Divine Feminine. The primordial energy of the womb . A journey that opens the way to life energy, creative flow, strength and wisdom. The womb is originally the place of creation and the giving of life. It is also the place where women stored pain, fear and trauma. To return to an ancient connection, listening to the body, healing each day. To deepen the connection with one’s womb, soul and emotional self.

    150 Women

    have already taken this course

    Course The Sacred Womb Healing : What means

    In this training you will receive what you need.

    The deep connection to the Womb make possible the healing, starting with fundamental Womb Awakening, Womb Ceremony, Womb Blessing , Womb Art, Ancestral Womb Wisdom , Meditations and Moon Connection practices.

    This course is for those who are ready to deepen the connection to the Inner Womb, Soul and Emotional self. Learn To listen that deepest divine part .

    When connecting to your Womb, you are connecting to your Soul and your Divine Feminine Wisdom within!

    The Sacred Womb Experience Course

    The Womb Space is a source of deep wisdom and our creative power center. It is where we birth new life and/or new ideas into the world. The truth is, birthing doesn’t just happen on the physical plane in the form a child.

    We all experience the birthing process on an energetic plane, in the form of a new project, new business, new intention, or perhaps a new way of living.

    When energetic blocks form here (our sacral chakra), we can feel stuck.

    This can cause a wide range of health issues or imbalances such as:

    • Hormone Imbalances
    • Endometriosis
    • Reproductive Issues
    • Intimacy Blockages
    • Creative Blockages

    We need to connect again with our Ancestral Power, our Divine Essence.

    How it happens / What results I get

    Course The Sacred Womb Healing

    In this Course you will receive simple and powerful practices supporting you to connect with your Womb. Heal your emotions, Release energetic blocks, fears and limitations , Be aware of the truth of how you feel, Connect to your Wild and Fearless feminine self, Ignite more courage, passion and Soul liberation in your life

    You will learn:

    • emotional healing & wellness
    • meditations to heal your deeper emotions and energetic blocks ( shamanic yin practices)
    • balance your energy with movement ( shamanic yang practices )
    • Connection with the Mother Nature’s Womb
    • Rituals & Ceremonies
    • Ancestral Feminine Power
    • Moon Healing cycles connection

    Choose Your Option! Book Your First session!

    You will work with Giuliana, Master Reiki guide in this Journey of  the Sacred Womb .

    She also specialises in bringing you back to the Inner Truth, that connection of the soul through the language of the subconscious, the mastery of the womb, Sound healer, connection to the cycles of nature, inner blocks and reprogramming, guided meditations,
    visualisation journey, Reiki energy medicine, sacred femininity and masculinity using, also sound healing vibrations, frequency drum healing.

    A guide for women who want to connect with their True Nature through the Womb.

    Can be done ONLINE or

    LIVE at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam

    Prices LIVE

    • Personal growth journey
      From € 543
      4 weeks of awareness practices , meditation, 4 support online – live (n park ) sessions 30 minutes, life tools,

      2 reiki healing online and much more link to your needs & goals.

    • Single Session
      From € 120

    Prices ONLINE

    • Personal growth journey
      From € 334
      4 weeks of awareness practices , meditation, 4 support online sessions 30 minutes, life tools, 2 reiki healing online and much more link to your needs & goals.
    • Single Session
      € 85

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    Conscious Cooking - Food meditation

    Conscious Cooking – Food meditation

    A meditative experience that awakens our senses, a fun way to be in the present moment while enjoying food that is much more than preparing a meal:

    it becomes a pure act of pleasure for the body and mind.

    1459 people

    have already taken this course

    What is Food Meditation?

    Conscious Cooking – Food meditation

    When we talk about Food Meditation, we are referring to a way of tasting and perceiving food in a completely new way. Food, a source of energy and nourishment for all of us, if prepared with the right attention, can become an excellent tool for the mind and body.

    This informal meditation practice is called Sati, which means ‘awareness’, ‘attention’ or ‘full mental awareness’ and is based on living fully each moment, moment by moment.

    With this course you will be taught how to awaken your senses so that you can immerse yourself in this experience of taste.

    Cooking can become a unique sensory experience for you.

    You will discover how emotions can influence the preparation of a meal, and how you can benefit more from the choice of food you make.

    How it happens / What results I get

    You will receive a simple cooking meditations.

    Touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing are all involved when you cook, which is why it becomes a meditation.

    By concentrating on your sensations and perceptions, you let go of thought, you are present in what you are doing, you perceive your body and you are no longer confined only to the sphere of thought.

    During this rather special meditation, you only have to concentrate on your sensory perceptions. You will receive also a product from Puglia to make your experience special.

    Conscious Cooking – Food meditation

    Each step in the preparation of our dish will activate certain responses in the body and what you will have to do is simply grasp them and live them fully.

    You will receive by email, so that you can repeat the experience when you need to. A tool always at hand.


    • Course
      From € 330
      4 meetings – 2 h each session

    Plus of of this Puglia products:

    • a bottle of extra virgin olive oil,
    • a bottle of sauce,
    • Leccino olives,
    • chocolates – sugared almonds

    It will be a surprise !

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    WORKSHOP: Inner Journey Release

    WORKSHOP: Inner Journey Release

    WORKSHOP: Inner Journey Release

    A mystical journey. An inner listening.

    A connection with your soul that communicates through our unconscious. The cycles of the Nature. The rhythm of your heart. Everything is connected and brings us home. The home of the heart. To explore your unconscious through the healing vibes.

    To immerse yourself in an atmosphere that brings you deep into connection with your higher self

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    WORKSHOP: Inner Journey Release : What means

    Places are limited so don’t let go this opportunity!

    A small online experiential journey of awareness, correlated with small weekly practices to bring you closer to yourself & release the energy.

    Follow the cycles of Nature, the seasons .
    Work on yourself consistently but with fun and joy.

    We are here to enjoy learning from our experiences

    How it happens / What results I get

    WORKSHOP: Inner Journey Release

    Start 1 October

    It is essential rediscovering our connection with Mother Earth, and this is made possible through a personalised e-book based on what you want to achieve this month.

    Each week you will receive personal exercises to guide you in this

    re- connection with your True Self.

    Please write us what are your goals, and you will receive what you need related also to the energy of the Month.

    Be in tune with Universe, with the Nature , make us more stable and in harmony with the world around us.


    • Early Bird Price
      € 65
      Valid until 25 September ( incl tax fee)

      4 weeks of personal exercises

    • Normal Price
      € 120
      After 25 September

      4 weeks of personal exercises ( incl tax fee)

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    Sound Therapy

    Sound Therapy

    Sound Therapy : Sound Healing Bath

    Relax with the magical sound vibrations of these bowls. Also known as ‘singing bowls’, this is an ancient musical instrument that originated in Tibet but is also popular in other Asian regions including India and Nepal. Bells allow you to relax and unwind. Thanks to their pure and natural notes, you can reduce your stress and enter serenely into meditation. On low and high octaves, bells transport you and allow you to stimulate your creativity.

    153 women

    have already had this experience

    Sound Therapy : Treatment with Tibetan bowls – Singing bowls

    The origin of Tibetan singing bowls dates back to about 3,000 years before the birth of Buddhism.

    At that time, according to legend, a ritual was practised that gave gongs, bells and cymbals both the ability to heal the body and the power to bring man closer to the divinity.

    From the second half of the 20th century, this object was also accepted in Western culture and began to be appreciated above all as a therapeutic tool.

    In fact they can be used for sound therapy, meditation, massage, yoga or reiki, the bell is used in natural medicine and other alternative health practices.

    How it happens / What results I get

    Sound Therapy

    The sounds and vibrations provided by the bells resonate with your body to rebalance your core functions and increase your vibratory rate.

    This creates a state of expanded consciousness perceived on a physical, emotional and mental level, which allows you to regenerate energetically, activate processes of awareness, reharmonisation and rebalancing. It therefore enables you to improve your concentration, to live consciously in the here and now.

    Conscious listening allows you to reach a state of mental lightness, away from constant thoughts produced by the mind, leading you to a deep meditative relaxation.

    Tibetan Bells combined with meditation promote a meditative state because they generate a sophronic state and the brain quickly goes into alpha mode.

    A state of mind between sleep and wakefulness. In this phase, experiences can re-emerge from our unconscious, tensions and crystallised emotions can melt away, leaving room for possible insights and illuminations from our deepest levels.

    The treatments aim to help you regain clarity of mind with a calm mind and calm emotions, every single cell of the body is massaged by the vibration of the sound produced. Sound being energy, a bell emanates a powerful vibration that also corresponds to our chakras and balances them.

    The vibrations emanating from the bell therefore act on every cell of the physical body, but also on our more subtle ‘bodies’: emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s ‘singing’ recalls the sound of a great ‘OM’, which in ancient oriental traditions is considered the primordial sound of creation. This is why it is beneficial to allow oneself time and space to immerse oneself in re- harmonising sounds, thus restoring our natural equilibrium.

    In this sonic journey you experience an intense and deep atmosphere, allowing you to travel beyond the limits of time and space.

    The treatment can be done ONLINE or directly at one of the available Yoga Locations in Amsterdam:

    • West – Central station
    • Zuid- DePijpe
    • Zuid RaiAmsterdam area

    Note : price can change based on the yoga location. So write an email to find the right solution for you.


    • BATH OF GONG - Groups
      From €40 to €65
      1 hour session – max 4 people. Price can change for the location. Please write an email to find the good solution for you.
    • Sound Treatment
      € 85
      1 hour session

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    Fashion consultant Soul Style Healing

    Fashion consultant Soul Style Healing

    Fashion consultant Soul Style Healing

    A Journey of self-awareness based on the Self True Expression of Your own beauty and uniqueness. An innovative and fun approach that combines style with mindfulness. A therapy style. Experiencing our 5 senses. From the inside to the outside and vice versa.

    89 women

    have already taken this course

    Don’t follow trends. Don’t let fashion own you, you decide who you are, what you want to express in the way you dress and the way you liveGianni Versace

    What Soul Style means

    Soul Style Healing

    A fun journey to discover yourself with style . To improve self-esteem, working from the outside to get to the inside of yourself, and discover the thousands of potentialities you hide.

    Every dress has a memory, a memory that is attributed to it. Memories that possess an energy. In this journey we will move through memories, energies, styles and more, unlocking, transforming, honouring and connecting back to ourselves and to the most authentic part of us.

    In this process I will listen to your needs and understand your goals and your authentic sense of style that is often hidden under layers of external influence, distractions, or a disconnect from the self. I will help you and teach you to express your style, to bring out the inner and outer beauty you possess. I will provide you with tailored advice on individual pieces, whole dresses, colours, styles and fabrics to suit your preferences, style, body type and price range, as well as the occasion for which you are dressing. You will be supported and accompanied every step of the way with the resources and tools you need to achieve your goals.

    A therapy of style – In undertaking various life transformations, we should reflect outwardly as best we can our core self. The clearer you are about who that core self is on the inside, the more impassive you can be about how you appear on the outside.

    How it happens / What results I get

    Fashion consultant Soul Style Healing

    In these meetings I will teach you to:

    • Connect with yourself and express who you really are, without fear, with courage and pride.
    • I will help you to improve your professional and/or personal image.
    • You will gain great self-confidence if you are preparing for a job interview, if you are trying to impress the love of your life or if you simply lack self-confidence.

    Combined with wardrobe cleaning, personal shopping and styling, we will release and let go before embracing the new.
    Sessions can also be combined with reiki sessions to relax and immerse yourself more in this experience of the senses.

    Fashion consultant Soul Style Healing

    : Your style can do wonders for your self-esteem. This is because the way others think and feel about you depends entirely on how you think and feel about yourself, and this is greatly influenced by your appearance. I will help you express yourself for who you really are, showing you as AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE as you are!



    Unique experience! I have always had problems with self-esteem, but even more so after my pregnancy. I looked at myself and I didn’t like myself, I suffered continuously in silence, conditioning those around me.
    Giuliana read me inside, as no one had ever done, she understood what made me feel bad, and through her Soul Style Sessions she helped me find a new me, her way of perceiving colours and of letting you enter a real but new dimension changed me a lot. She taught me to choose the right shapes, the colours that enhance me, she made me reborn with her energy. I highly recommend this experience.


    Thank you for everything! I had lost vitality, I felt empty, lost. By chance, even though it was explained to me that nothing happens by chance, I decided to embark on a path with Giuliana.
    I had opted for Soul Style , driven by something deep inside me. I can only say that my life has changed. Giuliana supported me at all times, choosing for me what gave me value, she taught me how to go on alone and how to light that fire inside me that I had lost. I felt pampered and regenerated. My path was personalised with other chakra balancing techniques and art treatments. It is an experience to be lived.

    Prices live sessions

      From € 75
      1 hour session
    • PERSONALISED Journey Soul Style
      From € 350
      based on WHAT DO YOU NEED IN YOUR PATH – 4 meetings + 1 free + weeks of exercises to combine with your personal growth
    • Soul Style with Reiki
      From € 535
      4 meetings + 2 reiki relax sessions +  4 Weeks of exercises

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    Mother Earth Healing Journey

    Mother Earth Healing Journey


    Explore the dimension of the Natural Elements!

    Mother Earth Healing Journey

    A way to connect with Nature and your Soul in a simple way.

    The Elements still form the basis of creation for many currents of thought related to nature and the mystery sciences, and permeate the life of the human being, appealing to the knowledge of which the elements are the guardians in order to evolve.

    A journey of awareness of the subtle dimension of nature.

     Rediscovering ancient connection to our beloved Mother Earth.

    135 women

    have already taken this journey

    “The earth proper, the pure earth, hovers in the limpid sky, where the stars are, in that part called ether by those who are in the habit of discussing these things; that which continually flows in the hollows of the earth is but a sediment of it.

    We who live in these pits are not aware of this and believe that we are high up on the earth, like one who, being at the bottom of the sea, believes he is on the surface and, seeing the sun and the other stars through the water, mistakes the sea for the sky.”

    – Plato, Phaedo, LVII

    What does it mean to take an inner journey with Mother Earth?

    Mother Earth Healing Journey

    We are part of nature and it is important, and often we live far away from it,  immerse in ourselves, seeking to find ourselves and our inner harmony.

    Most of the discomforts and illnesses of modern society are due precisely to this estrangement from nature.

    People has lost the connection with themselves and in order to find it again they need to re-establish a relationship with Nature.

    We are disconnected from the natural dimension. Often, wrapped up and entangled in the challenges of every day, in work, in the thoughts that oppress us, we forget that we are an integral part of nature.

    Reconnecting with nature means rediscovering a communion with the divine in all things, and therefore also with the divine in each of us.

    To reconnect with nature is to reconnect with one’s heart, one’s deepest inner self, one’s primordial being. It means rediscovering your own soul.

    We are made up of memories, beliefs and emotions that have definite meanings, but sometimes we do not know how to see the right perspective. Working with Nature on yourself will open so many doors inside of You and will have  an effect on your psyche.

    Each element has its own meaning, its own way of helping and understanding our emotions, especially those we cannot understand, and therefore also our memories.

    An Indian proverb says that each of us has four rooms:

    one mental, one emotional, one physical and one spiritual, but until we enter each room every day we are not complete. In fact, each element represents a part of ourselves

    • Air – the mental
    • Water – the emotional
    • Fire – our shadows (fears, harmful emotions) that need to be purified
    • Earth – our physical part

    When we begin a process of self-awareness every cycle of nature is set in motion.

    How it happens – What results I get

    There is a mystery science behind the theory of the Natural Elements , where considers humanity as part of nature, so the Elements would be outside, but also inside us. The so-called Microcosm and Macrocosm.

    From this point of view, the work carried out by the ancient alchemists, the shamanic practices, the cultured wisdom of the East, would consist in bringing the Elements together within oneself, harmonising them to release their supreme essence: the fifth Element, the Spirit, the Anima Mundi, the Lapis, the elixir.

    Each culture that I studied and practice has given  me the wisdom a particular form of healing but all of them require a personal work&inner observation .

    The outside became a reflection of the work done in our inner self. We can feel and perceive the voice of nature around us every day, listening to the nature we embody.

    Nature is made up of elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and none of them can exist without the other. The journey of change aims to purify and restore the balance within you and to create a RELATIONSHIP with your True Self , connecting to Mother Earth.

    Using resources, tools and ancient practices linked to Mother Nature’s Medicine.

    • Connecting with oneself
    • Purify inside and outside
    • Learning to listen to oneself through the natural elements
    • Transforming our shadows
    • Understand and acquire knowledge and tools useful in everyday life.

    The goal is to be fully connected with ourselves and bring our most SELF-authentic selves to life, restoring balance and a sense of well-being and deep peace.

    I will show you how to be connected to nature, awaken that True, Wild, Authentic part of you.

    Every expression of life on this planet has its own vibration that embraces both the physical and spiritual levels.

    We are all subject to certain frequencies, energetic resonances, each with our own consciousness, each playing our part in the dance of life on this planet.

    With this course I will show you how to access a new level of awareness so that you can experience a deep connection with the earth and the natural world, experiencing its qualities, and bringing you to a deep level of appreciation and relationship with our planet.

    Every place in nature has its own vibration, full of experiences, with unique qualities.

    Get in deep touch with Mother Earth:

    • Understand the connection with the earth on many levels.
    • Learn to benefit from the energies that the Earth and the trees give us.
    • Rediscover and be aware of your intuitive powers and healing gifts.
    • Establish a harmonious relationship with the earth.
    • Restore the vital process of your psychophysical health.

    What might YOU discover?

    Everything can be revealed if we are truly open to knowing it. Nature is part of us and we have forgotten how to listen to it, we have forgotten how to relate to it.

    Life, the essence that permeates every living thing in the world, the spark of life, the divine presence, the Anima Mundi within us.

    “A patient’s health depends on the balance of the four elements within him”.

    – Hippocrates , father of medicine



    What I can say is that this experience has changed me in a deeply unexpected way. It made me feel complete. I decided to undertake the Mother Earth Healing Journey . I felt lost, empty, as if something was missing, I didn’t know what to do anymore, I needed a direction, but everything I encountered in front of me didn’t convince me. Then I met Giuliana, smiling, joyful, and I was struck by the energy she transmits. Every step we took was enlightening and practical, the feeling of small things, the attention to oneself in connection with the outside world, brought me into contact with my soul, with my unconscious and to find everything I needed.
    Giuliana is a guide to get back in touch with your soul with simplicity and authenticity. Thank you!

    Price Online

    • Personal growth journey
      € 443
      21 days of

      awareness practices , meditation, 4 support sessions, life tools, 2 reiki healing and much more link to your needs & goals.

    Price Live

    • Personal Growth Journey
      From € 634
      Weeks of exercises + sessions : from 4 weeks to up
      Meditation , Sound Therapy, Walking Meditations, Reiki sessions and much more link to your needs and Goals.
    • Single Session
      From € 120

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    Inner Child Journey

    Inner Child Journey

    Inner Child Journey: The Happy Rainbow Journey

    A fascinating experience in the colours of the rainbow, where dreams come true. Where self-awareness, facing our fears, pain, and rediscovering our talents brings us back to dreaming as if we were children to achieve everything we ever wanted but didn’t know how to achieve.

    123 women

    have already taken this journey

    What does Happy Rainbow Journey mean?

    Inner Child Journey

    Inner child journey, like any type of inner work, involves creating a space where your subconscious is allowed to take the lead,

    Connected to the work of the ancestors, it represents all the memories passed down from generation to generation.

    Through an in-depth analysis of certain dynamics, we will unlock and transform all those parts that are linked to mental habits, harmful customs that no longer have any reason to exist, if our ultimate goal is to achieve psychophysical well-being.

    A way to deepen our fears, listen to our emotions.

    All happen when we are children.

    To transform those thought forms that have become ingrained over time and that have convinced us that we are not enough, or that we are not capable of doing something on a material but also emotional level.

    With this Inner Child Journey you will discover various aspects unknown to you and you will notice how it is possible to reprogram your mind and your memories in a positive way.

    Inner Child Journey

    How it happens / What results I get

    Inner Child Journey

    The practice of the Rainbow Pool is traditionally found in most native civilisations. I have worked on it myself and they introduced me to the natural medicine practices of the Eastern Himalayas.

    It is an inner work, made of memories, listening, practical exercises, colours, creativity, writing exercises, breathing exercises, yoga positions, meditations, visualisations, understanding of symbols and their use, mantras, In connection with the chakras, their balancing, their sound,

    JourneYs (i.e. meditations with visualisations) to get in touch in a deep way with our unconscious where everything is revealed. Like a gateway to questions, the answers to which can only come from within us. Each exercise will be explained to you so that you can be fully aware. A way to let go of everything you no longer need. A new way of feeling and perceiving the world around you.

    The experience will be unique and different depending on how you carry it out and how involved you are. Return to simple, genuine, ridiculous things, but made of joy, laughter and smiles. The course can be done ONLINE or LIVE.

    ALL depends what are you looking for your inner growth.

    The treatment can be done ONLINE or directly at one of the available Yoga Locations in Amsterdam:

    • West – Central station
    • Zuid
    • Zuid RaiAmsterdam area

    Note : price can change based on the yoga location. So write an email to find the right solution for you.


    • Personal Growth Journey LIVE
      From € 853
      2 ½ months – 10 sessions – Weeks of exercises +3 reiki relax sessions + balance chakras + inner child work etc. OPTION PRICE – The Price that you NEED – Book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs : Each programme is individual and this also applies to the price you want to spend. In this case, book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs. Price can change based on the location, time , type of work etc.. Make Your Special
    • Single Session LIVE
      € 120
    • Personal Growth Journey ONLINE
      € 553
    • Single Session ONLINE
      € 85

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    Shamanic Ancestral Journey

    Shamanic Ancestral Journey

    I will guide you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your generations. That still condition your life today. An awareness of your ancestors through circles that define recurring themes that want to be transformed, released for your well-being and that of your line.

    174 women

    have already taken this journey

    What does Journey of the Ancestors mean

    Shamanic Ancestral Journey

    Knowing one’s roots helps to understand who we are, where we come from and what we can do with our lives. This journey aims to explore the paternal genealogical line and the maternal genealogical line, because very often situations, family dynamics and talents are passed on genetically in this sense.

    The basis of our whole existence is based on a concept of birth and death. Both of these events have to do with the metaphysical aspect of one’s existence. This in turn opens the door to the world of the invisible, where everything is created before manifestation on this earth. In the seed of life, which science cannot fully understand, there is all our past history, which we carry with us, and naturally this history can also write the future history, the life that each of us will go on to lead.

    Through the knowledge of the past, of one’s lineage, of one’s origins, it is possible to work to shed light on and gently transform all the darker and more repetitive parts of our lives. One can also value the talents and gifts that our Ancestors have left us. Honouring one’s gifts and talents is what allows man to live his life in full freedom and expression.

    How it happens / What results I get

    The practice of healing our ancestral memories is traditionally found in most native civilisations.
    I have worked on it myself and they introduced me to the natural medicine practices of the Eastern Himalayas.

    With various practices of Great Mother’s Medicine, you can acquire resources and tools that will enable you to :

    • Understanding and awareness of your origins
    • Learn how to Be free from Family dynamics
    • Rediscover your Talents
    • Learn how to Heal your Traumas
    • Unblock what you need

    Shamanic Ancestral Journey

    With this journey you will be able to ‘free’ what still ‘stuck’ in these events and who consequently block our entire bloodline.

    Very often we feel stuck in our lives without fully understanding why, for example problematic relationships with men or women, issues of violence, or other problems or dynamics that come into a family for no apparent reason, but if you dig deep, you may find that you are merely repeating patterns and behaviours that our Ancestors had already done and have therefore imprinted in our bloodline.

    It is possible to heal these aspects, to release the cords that still bind us to our Ancestors, it is possible to transform these aspects that have plagued your family for decades or centuries.

    Shamanic Ancestral Journey

    The treatment can be done ONLINE or directly at one of the available Yoga Locations in Amsterdam:

    • West – Central station
    • Zuid

    Note : price can change based on the yoga location. So write an email to find the right solution for you.

    But Not Only…

    Another interesting aspect is that it is helpful and inspiring for each of our lives. To reconnect with one’s Ancestors is to reconnect with your deepest, rooted powers, it is to help your own soul and the soul of the community to remember the purpose for which it returned to this earth.

    The expression of one’s origins, with the help of the Ancestors, through the manifestation of talents and predilections, leads to a life that is prosperous, complete, and finally full of meaning.



    I began this journey with sweet Giuliana because I was going through an incredibly absurd period. Each time the same situations repeated themselves, each time I found myself having to suffer in the same way and more and more intensely, and I never understood why.
    When I confronted Giuliana, she advised me to undertake a journey to discover my roots – Ancestral Journey – , to analyse and understand, with a different and loving feeling, the deep reasons why these situations arose. It has been a journey of enormous growth, even in the painful moments, in which we have brought memories to life, she has been able to support me with a sweetness and presence. I feel freer, more aware of my past, of my roots, and I have learnt to manage the future situations that life proposes to me, I have learnt to emotionally face what comes with a new feeling, without fear. I feel connected to my ancestors in a unique way, I feel reborn under a new light.


    • Personal growth journey ONLINE
      From € 635
      1:1 Working from 8 to 10 weeks
      Single Session  – From € 85
      1h- Based on what you need –  Personal inner growth Journey  – From € 635
      8 weeks:  8 sessions + weeks of exercises + tools + Personal Growth + Reiki Sessions
    • Personal growth journey LIVE
      From € 835
      1:1 Working from 8 to 10 weeks
      Single Session – Ancestral Reiki Sound Healing – € 95 – € 120   1h-2h
      Personal inner growth Journey. –   From € 835 OPTION PRICE – The Price that you NEED – Book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs : Each programme is individual and this also applies to the price you want to spend. In this case, book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs. Price can change based on the location, time , type of work etc.. Make Your Special

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    Art Therapy

    Art Therapy : Self Exploration and Healing

    Art Therapy: Paint with your soul – Self Exploration and Healing

    Art is an unstoppable impulse that reflects the spiritual interiority of a human being overwhelmed by the need to bare one’s soul. This process becomes an inner journey, a profound discovery of oneself.

    159 women

    have already taken this course

    What it means to paint with your Soul

    Art Therapy

    This journey leads you to an inner knowledge of who you are and how you can implement self-healing, learning resources and tools. A step towards yourself through art towards that knowledge of the soul, of consciousness. The various forms of art help to externalise what is deep inside.

    Art Therapy Rediscover your freedom by expressing your inner beauty, rediscovering yourself! The beauty of a work of art, its hidden meaning and what it conveys. That way of getting in touch deeply with oneself.

    How it happens / What results I get

    This course you will be enable to get tools and resources always available so that you can use them later and deepen yourself.

    A door that is always open for you to express yourself freely, encouraging and
    encouraging and promoting a healthier and happier life.

    You don’t have to be a great artist, or consider yourself particularly creative. This course allows you to connect deeply with yourself, your emotions, your unconscious, your soul. Feel light-hearted having created something unique, representing who you are, what you need to know for your life journey.

    By being master of your emotions, by understanding yourself fully, you will be able to use the tools in your life.

    To find that original vitality, that beauty within us, to express it, to know how to listen deeply, to learn to read the messages, to open your mind.

    The therapeutic and creative process of self-expression can improve our physical and mental health, as well as our emotional well-being.

    Art Therapy

    • It helps us manage our feelings in a more positive way.
    • It can give us the confidence to face and solve problems from the past and present.
    • It shows us the connection between the present and the past and allows us to overcome some issues by confronting them in a more gentle way.
    • Developing greater self-awareness through a deep connection with our soul.
    • Feeling more mentally relaxed.
    • Lowering the stress level of our hormones.
    • Helps us with insomnia.

    Expression of the deep, without judgement, an externalisation of your feeling,
    a way of communicating with your inner self, with your soul.



    I started doing sessions with Giuliana when I was going through a horrible time in my life, I was very stressed and couldn’t sleep or eat. I had started the Treatment Art course because I have always been drawn to painting and I dove into this experience.
    What I can say about this experience is that it has helped me so much to get my blocked emotions flowing, to listen to myself, opening up to personal insights and discovering a part of me, so deep and magical, that I never imagined I had. Giuliana has a simple, direct approach and is always there to support me when needed. Her presence, when I needed it, helped me so much because it made me understand that I was not alone. Healing myself in this way has been a wonderful journey, sharing my joys, sorrows and fears and feeling more free, fulfilled, unique and happy.

    Prices Online

    • Personal growth journey
      € 634
      8 weeks:  8 sessions + weeks of exercises + tools + Personal Growth + Reiki Sessions
    • Single Session
      € 85
      1h- Based on what you need

    Prices Live

    • Personal growth journey
      € 834
      8 weeks – OPTION PRICE – The Price that you NEED – Book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs : Each programme is individual and this also applies to the price you want to spend. In this case, book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs. Price can change based on the location, time , type of work etc.. Make Your Special

    • Single Session
      € 95 - € 120
      1h – 2h

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