Vibration as the origin of the Whole: from string theory to DNA

Vibration as the origin of the Whole: from string theory to DNA

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God …” we read in the Gospel according to John. We have been educated to interpret the word Verb as “word”, but other translations and traditions (older and no less important than the Christian one) reveal to us that the Word used by the evangelist John actually coincides with the Sound, as an instrument capable of to put the inert components of the universe in motion and in order, and to create Creation with vibration.
Furthermore, the creative primordial vibration finds confirmation in many religions and ancient civilizations.
Even modern physics, with the theory of vibrating strings at the origin of matter, does nothing but align with this vision. According to the paradigm of the “standard model”, adopted in large part by physicists to describe the architecture of the Universe, matter is composed of various particles, indivisible point-like corpuscles, such as quarks, which combine in various ways to arrive at forming protons, neutrons and the wide range of particles and molecules that make up the Universe.
Modern string theory does not deny the essential role of these particles, but believes that they are not point-like, but consist of a thin strand of energy, hundreds of billions of times smaller than an atomic nucleus. A strand of energy that is comparable to a string, like that of a violin or a guitar, in continuous vibration. Just as a violin string can vibrate in different ways producing different musical notes, even the strings of string theory can vibrate in multiple ways producing, depending on intensity, particles with different masses and properties.
What the modern vision of string theory has in common with the cosmological one of the ancient civilizations, which we saw earlier, is the fact of considering the vibration at the base of Creation. No wonder: life itself emits frequencies, in all its forms, be it color, light, sound, matter, DNA (see also Music is inscribed in our DNA), emotion or thought.
Everything is vibration. This statement has been lost over time, but already Pythagoras was spokesman for it: “Even what seems inert like a stone has a certain frequency of vibrations”.
And listen to what the physicist Max Planck said: “Having consecrated all my life to the most rational science possible, the study of matter, I can at least tell you this about my research on the atom: matter as such does not exist! All matter exists only by virtue of a force that makes the particles vibrate and maintains this tiny solar system of the atom. ”
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The Quanta in Philosophy and Culture

The Quanta in Philosophy and Culture

But quantum mechanics is not only strange and complicated. It also forces us to revise the mental patterns to which we are accustomed, testing our beliefs and offering new answers to the questions that philosophers have been asking for millennia.

Does the universe exist independently of us? Esse est percipi: : things, to exist, need to be perceived. He argued in ‘ 700 the British philosopher George Berkeley, that a ball or a tree does not exist in itself, regardless of us: those we perceive are the sensory stimuli that come directly from God.

And the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, also in ‘ 700, had reiterated that one cannot know the world “as it is in itself” (defined by him Noumeno), but only “what appears”. Something like that, two centuries later, says quantum mechanics: To determine the position of a particle, for example you have to illuminate it… And then the particle, struck by the light, squirts away. We know where it is, but not where it will be after a while.

To observe reality, in short, we must “disturb”: “according to the interpretation of Copenhagen,” explains Giulio Giorello, professor of philosophy of science at the State University of Milan “quantum events depend on the presence of the apparatus of Remark that must measure them. ”
Einstein could not digest this aspect of the theory: he was convinced that reality was well determined and independent of the Observer. But today the experts are in favor of the interpretation of Copenhagen.

Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein, two fathers of the theory. It was in one of their discussions about the physical significance of quantum mechanics that Einstein uttered the known phrase: “God does not play dice.” Bohr brilliantly disdid all of Einstein’s criticisms, but he never fully convinced himself of the probabilistic nature of the quantum world.
Einstein could not digest this aspect of the theory: he was convinced that reality was well determined and independent of the Observer.

What if the effect preceded the cause? One of the pillars of classical science is the rule according to which, in the world in which we live, every cause necessarily follows an effect: if I throw a stone at a window I break it, if I touch the fire I burn. In ‘ 700, the Scottish philosopher David Hume questioned this principle: even if every day two events follow one another, we must not consider this link as a logical consequence, because it could be an association of our ideas Determined by habit.

Does our essence extend to the whole universe? When we surf the Internet, the space seems to be sucked by a mouse click, within hyperlinks between systems that are thousands of miles from each other. In the subatomic world, under certain conditions, the same thing can happen: there are “twin” particles, tied together by the property of entanglement, which, while being in opposite points of the universe, could communicate instantaneously with each other, acting As a whole.

This phenomenon, now proven, demolished one of the pillars of traditional physics: the principle of locality. So much to give rise to a doubt: do we live in a whole indivisible, dynamic, whose parts are interconnected as claimed in ‘ 600 the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza?
According to his “pantheistic” vision, there is a unique and infinite substance, a geometric order in which God and nature coincide (Deus sive natura, “God, or nature”) as an internal cause to the whole.

The void does not exist

It is only an illusion. What seems empty, separation between one object and another, is an energy field, not only, it is also a field of consciousness. If this were not the case, subatomic particles could not perceive the same information instantaneously, even at sidereal distances. Since then a speed higher than that of light cannot exist, we must think that the particles are aware of the existence of an interconnection between them. We are made of quantum energy and now we know that the quantum energy can manifest itself as a wave or as a particle. It can exist in a particular place or it can be simultaneously in 2 or more different places in total interconnection. I, you, but also others are able, as observers, to intervene and modify the particle in the present. In this way we create reality and our future. The quanta represent our infinite possibilities. Question: What is the force that keeps the quantum particles of our body in entanglement? Answer: Consciousness. The very strength through which the matter we know is generated and exists.

“Behind this strength there is a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the Matrix, the matrix of all matter. “

(Gregg Braden)

Although classical physics, influenced by the Cartesian model, tells us that there is no possibility that the mind can affect matter, quantum physics shows us instead that it is possible. Our mind is able to influence the reality we see.
In Japan there is a researcher, Masaru Emoto, who has developed a technique to analyze and photograph under a microscope the crystals that form during water freezing. Emoto did not limit himself to this, he showed that water, exposed to music, words and thoughts, crystallized in different forms depending on the messages received. – Water crystals exposed to words of love, prayers, water from Lourdes , violent words. –

Question: if thoughts have a similar impact on water, do you imagine what they can do to us that we are composed of 70% water?

Thoughts and emotions also influence plants. We want to remember the experiments of Cleve Backster. Backster was an FBI expert on the truth machine in the 1970s. One day, while he was checking the polygraph, he had the idea of testing the Dracena (plant) of his office.
The intention was to measure the variation in electrical conductivity of the leaves of the plant due to the watering. He bathed the Dracena, sure to get an increase in conductivity. Instead, he drew what appeared to be a human response on the polygraph chart.

“The outline of the nib was not what I expected from the water that entered the leaf,” said Backster, “but rather, what I expect from a person who lies, subjected to the truth machine.” Backster insisted:

He only imagined burn the leaf to which he had applied the electrodes. His mental image was enough because the Dracena almost went mad with fear: the nib jumped up and down the track.
Thoughts and emotions also influence DNA.
Imagine that a doctor takes a blood sample from you … Imagine then that you extract the DNA from your lymphocytes and isolate it so you can observe it under a microscope on a monitor. Consider that the observation takes place in a laboratory away from the place where you are. Here you are subjected to a series of emotional stimuli. If your mood is negatively stressed, the histones of the DNA (positively charged proteins) will change their structure by contracting and the DNA will be shortened. If the stimuli are positive, the histones will not contract and the DNA will be longer. Everything will happen instantly as if there were no separation between you and the removed DNA.

“Thought is vibration, energy”
Thoughts are not particles, they are waves, and waves intertwine with each other. Thought is the only useful tool for knowing reality, since reality is all thought. It is non-local energy, although it has always been thought that thought is located in the head. The brain is not the brain, it is the factory of thought. A radical change of mentality is necessary. We no longer have to think about reality in terms of materiality. If this were the case, we would be really insignificant, we would have no way to intervene on reality except with the only mass Cartesian method. If on the contrary, I am convinced that reality, my reality, is a possibility of conscience, so I am able to ask myself how can I change it, but, above all, how I can improve it.

Source: Focus, science and knowledge

Quantum mechanics – Particles-energy field-vibrations-Thoughts

Quantum mechanics – Particles-energy field-vibrations-Thoughts

Quantum mechanics, or theory of quanta, is a theory that its creators did not fully understand, but which proved to be the only one capable of explaining the behavior of matter in the microscopic world.

A blackboard wedge of symbols may seem indecipherable even if it exposes simple concepts. In quantum mechanics, however, even the simplest concept seems absurd. An example? The fact that the matter “decides” what to do… Only when we look at it .

In the heart of matter there is an immense world, made up of billions and billions of particles, that escapes our senses and our intuition. A world in which the usual physical laws are not worth, but the most complicated and “mysterious” of quantum mechanics, a theory so paradoxical as to amaze the same scientists who invented it. “No one really understands it,” he said in 1965 Richard Feynman, one of the brightest physicists of his generation

Quantum mechanics, because of its almost “magical” characteristics, has always fascinated philosophers and scientists. But what exactly are we talking about?

Miracle particles:

Waves that behave like particles, particles that go beyond the barriers like ghosts or communicate with each other in a “telepathic” way… This is the strange world scientists found themselves confronted with when they discovered quantum mechanics.


But the most curious phenomenon is entanglement. Imagine taking two photons into an “overlap of states”-we can think of them as coins that turn endlessly, showing both faces (heads or tails)-and submit them to entanglement, and then take them to opposite sides of the universe. According to quantum mechanics, if we do a measure on one of the two, and we get for example head, even the other coin, instantaneously, ceases to be in an indeterminate state: if we measure it (after a second or after a century) we are sure that the result It will be head. The two particles are like… Telepathic contact. Absurd? No, entanglement!

Two physicists from the University of Queensland (Australia) have even devised “temporal” teleportation, applying entanglement to time rather than space, always with the aim of making complex calculations possible. But, if it worked, it would be the first true example of a time machine, although a little different from how science fiction has always imagined it.

Restrained Emotions


“Life cannot be possessed. You Can’t hold her in a fist: if you want to have her, you have to keep your hands open.


“You Can’t hold the Wind in your fist.” One day an essay said. In fact, the human being often tends to restrain, to refrain, to try to possess everything for fear of letting something or someone escape. We Hold The tears sometimes for years, we hold back the anger, the resentment, the emotions we deem negative.
We keep everything inside and we suffer in silence. Let’s Keep the screaming, the weeping not to disturb others, not to worry them. Let us Hold ourselves in that clenched fist, not only the wind: we hold back our essence, our life, what we are.
What if I didn’t keep you from living?
How Much of our lives do we keep on a leash? Just Think for a second. Often, behind the tendency to retain everything (and all) there is the fear of loneliness, abandonment. He holds back because he is afraid of emptiness, of that inner emptiness that hurts and makes us feel unwanted, unloved; Then we hold back everything that could alienate people, emotions in the first, and we hurt ourselves.

“Retaining anger is like holding back a burning charcoal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; You’re the one who gets hot. ”

And in this, forcibly keeping something that hurts us, we prevent ourselves from freeing ourselves, making room for the new and therefore accepting change in our lives. We prevent ourselves from flowing, to savor the freedom of being.
In the long run, holding you back will make you sick
Holding back your emotions can make you sick in the long run.

“To list just some of the most recent results, it has been found that those who repress their emotional impulses are less able to solve mental tasks and have more difficulty remembering the details of emotionally significant experiences. And in the long term, the tendency to suppress emotions seems to be linked to greater pessimism and a tendency to depression and a lower ability to make friends. Then there are physiological effects. An experiment by Stanford University showed that, in front of the vision of repellent images, in subjects who had been asked to keep their faces impassive, a violent reaction of stress was unleashed. And another study, investigating people affected by heart attack, would have identified a risk of death five times higher in subjects with a propensity for negative emotions and their repression. ”
(Taken from “Holding back the emotions it hurts that’s why it’s better to let off steam”)


Besides having a negative effect on your psycho-physical balance, suppressing emotions can compromise your interpersonal relationships; the most glaring example is perhaps that of anger suppressed like a pressure cooker, and I don’t think you need explanations to understand it.
But even beautiful emotions, if they are repressed, can have negative consequences: think of the love that is not expressed, think of the joy that is repressed to avoid looking too enthusiastic, think about your creativity that you keep at the bottom of the drawer for fear of being judged or not included, etc.
Don’t hold back: why should you live a life only in black and white?
By dint of being afraid of expressing yourself, it is your life that you do not live; stay hidden from the world, avoid to emerge, to bloom, to come out into the open. Stay like a seed under the ground who dreams of becoming a tree but is afraid of giving up the darkness, who is afraid to show himself for what he is and then remain alone. But what happens to the seed that does not come out?
What would the world be like if flowers held back their perfume? How would the world be if the trees held back their fruits; the birds, their songs? What would your life be like if you chose to retain all those creative energies that are in you?

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and they will come out later in a worse way. ”
(Sigmund Freud

Some time ago I read a very nice thought that I would like to share to conclude this article:

“Do not hold back Anger but welcome it to understand what it is communicating to us.
Don’t hold a person but let her go and wait with confidence for the gift that his absence can offer us.
Do not hold back any Emotions because they are wise and trusted messengers of our Soul.
Do not hold the Weeping because it waters our hearts and renews it with a vital force that only it can give us.
Don’t hold Hugs, Smiles, Kisses and Caresses because they are the limbs of our Soul that wants to expand in the world.
We do not hold back on ourselves: let us allow ourselves to bring out that side of us that we keep so secret and that has the power of the extraordinary to emanate beauty, truth and pure joy! ”



The fennel

The fennel has a fragrance that smells of Mediterranean smudge. It is believed to be native to Asia minor, but it was widespread throughout the Mediterranean area: in fact it was known by the Egyptians, Greeks and Arabs. Today the major production areas are represented by India, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Indonesia and Argentina.

Few calories, excellent flavour, useful for digesting and even for children’s colic: Do you know all about this precious vegetable?

The fennel is a powerful natural cure, a precious ally of our health: With a fresh but decisive flavour, due to the presence of Anetholo, the essence used to prepare liqueurs such as Sambuca or Pastis, the typical aperitif French.

In women, it relieves menstrual pains, helps in menopause, stimulation of milk production after childbirth. Rich in phytoestrogens and flavonoids, natural estrogenic substances, fennel balances female hormonal levels. In fact the fennel is a true ally of the woman, even for the physique: it has diuretic effects, it stimulates the production of pee and the elimination of toxins.

A centrifuged fennel is also useful for digestion: it helps to eliminate the air found in the intestine and in the stomach and to fight the fermentation of the food: prepare one with fennel and green apple.

Like many spices, fennel contains its unique combination of phytonutrients, including rutin flavonoids, quercitin, and various kaempferol glycosides, which give it a strong antioxidant activity.

In addition to its unusual phytonutrients, fennel bulb is an excellent source of vitamin C, antioxidant able to neutralize free radicals. Vitamin C is also necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

With its good source of fiber, fennel can help reduce cholesterol levels. And since the fiber also removes potentially cancerous colon toxins, fennel may also be useful in preventing colon cancer.

Moreover, together with the fibre, an important role covers the seeds of fennel, which are rich in antioxidants. These could help to reduce the risk of tumors related to the damage of free radicals against cells and DNA.

Antioxidants found in fennel seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that could make them useful in the treatment of certain diseases such as arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Fennel seeds are also rich in fibres, essential for facilitating the transit of food in the intestine, allowing the elimination of toxins. A good supply of fibres-which we remember is present only in plant foods while not in those of animal origin-is useful in combating cholesterol and keeping the walls of the arteries free, thus preventing cardio-vascular diseases.

Flavonoids, the potent antioxidants contained in fennel seeds, help prevent aging because they counteract free radicals and also have the ability to reduce the oxidative stress of cardio-circulatory apparatus and to protect our Organism from neurological damage.

Fennel seeds are used in various preparations, such as South Tyrolean bread in Trentino (Italy), but they are very appreciated because they help digestion: Just prepare the evening a good tea with fennel promotes digestion.


AURA and seven bodies

The aura and the seven levels

“You are energy beings. Your consciousness, the experience of being, what you really are, is energy. For now, let’s call it “vital energy.” Your consciousness is connected with every cell of your body. Through the consciousness you can communicate with each organ and every tissue.”

Martin Brofman

The Aura is an energetic field divided into different layers that radiate from the body, surround it and interpenetrate. Our physical body is therefore surrounded by seven bodies, or layers, each of which presides to specific functions and performs certain tasks, both of physical and psychic or energetic order. The layers, with the move away from the body, become thinner and the vibrations to which they give rise increase in frequency.

Often these auric fields are described and depicted as the layers of an onion, as if a layer ends up and the next one begins and so on. But this is wrong, because in reality each of them penetrates and extends from the skin surface. These seven layers or layers have different characteristics. One of these represents their structure: the odd fields have a precise structure and a specific shape, while the even ones consist of a formless and fluctuating substance. In the eyes of psychics the odd layers appear formed by stable and shiny light beams; The same ones are presented in different forms: the second appears similar to a gas, the fourth to a fluid, the sixth to a luminous halo.

The human aura is then structured like a matryoshka with fixed and rigid layers (odd ones) and other fluctuating along the path described by the first. But all the fields interact with each other, influencing each other. As we have already mentioned from the appearance of the various levels of the aura we can also determine the health of the individual. So if the layers of the human energy field are healthy, strong and laden, the person will be able to live a happy life in every aspect of it. But if, on the contrary, one or more layers are in conditions of imbalance, the individual will experience considerable physical and psychic difficulties, since each layer presides to the proper functioning of the various organs and determines the psychophysical characteristics of Subject. But now let’s take a closer look at each of the seven Human Aura levels.


The seven levels of the AURA

Etheric Aura – level I

It’s the first level of the aura. It usually protrudes from the physical body of about five centimeters and has a coloring that goes from the blue Sea to the light gray. In the strongest and well-trained subjects on the physical plane, the thickness is more relevant and the coloration tends to gray. If the etheric body is strong, it will enjoy a good physical health and you will perceive the sensations that accompany this state: physical vigour, pleasure in physical contact, satisfactory sex life, appetite and regular sleep, etc..

At this level they have all the physical sensations both pleasant and painful. We can also see it as an indicator of the energy reserves of an organism and its physical vitality. The moment we feel physical pain, we produce a malfunction at the first level of the aura.

In the event that the first energy level is weak, the organism will also not enjoy good health and physical experiences will cause more repulsion and dissatisfaction.

Emotional Aura-level II

This layer follows the contour of the physical body, but it is more fluid than the etheric aura. Unlike this, it does not faithfully trace the lines of the physical body, but is composed of thickings of a substance brightly coloured in constant fluctuation. Protrudes from the organism about ten centimeters. This level is related to the awareness of one’s emotions and feelings. All the movements of the astral energy are connected to some feelings that the subject proves towards himself. The coloration of the aura varies according to the nature of these feelings: if they are positive, these clouds-like energy thickings have a vivid and full-toned coloration; However, if they are negative, they give rise to more gloomy and less brilliant thickings.

This part of the human aura can be of any color; The clouds of energy from which it is composed flow along the structural lines of the first level of the aura.

Who looks to himself with serenity will keep his aura balanced and negative energies are naturally dissolved and transformed. But the impediment to experiencing self-emotion blocks the energy flow of this level and thus creates a stagnation reported in the aura by dark and opaque thickings. This problem is also reflected in the physical body, because these blocks prevent the organism from functioning properly. If the emotional body is loaded and viable, it means that the subject has a good relationship with himself, he feels comfortable with himself. If it is draining and weak, it is possible that you do not perceive your feelings or that you are unaware of feeding them. An intense coloration, but dark and stagnant, indicates that the person feels very negative feelings in his comparisons, such as hatred, so he lives in a layer of depression.

Mental Aura-level III

The third level of aura usually manifests as an intense white-yellow luminous radiation and expands for about twenty centimeters. This auric layer presides over rational and mental activity. Its energy flows along the fixed light lines that correspond to the mental processes and states. If this level is strong and balanced, the mind is lucid and ready for learning. In these conditions the rational and intuitive mind work together and in harmony, making us feel safe and at ease. But if this layer is unbalanced and unloaded, probably the subject will nourish little interest in developing his intellect and have little mental lucidity. When negative thoughts develop, the pulsations of the energy lines slow down, darken and distort.

The imbalance between the different layers of the aura can lead to some drawbacks both physiological and psychological. If, for example, the third level is strong, while the other two are weak, the subject will tend to solve their problems only with the help of reason, without taking into account feelings; This will be a limit to your experiences. But negative thoughts can also result from the pressure exerted on the third layer by the adjacent two (the second and fourth), if there are stagnant energy in these. If feelings are blocked, whether positive or negative, the energy flow will be congested and exert considerable pressure on the third layer, distoring it. Keeping in mind that the natural state of any energy is dynamic, a block in the second and fourth layers will affect the third, distoring its activity.

Astral Aura-Level IV

This layer looks like a variously coloured, but denser fluid than the second. It differs from the second also from the appearance: While the second is in the form of multicolour clouds, the astral aura is more like a homogeneous fluid. Its thickness is about thirty centimeters. The fourth Auric level relates to the world of relations with others, of reciprocal feelings. If an energy shortage is manifested at this level, the fluid becomes dark and very dense. This state is very damaging to the organism because it can lead to a general sense of exhaustion and, in the long run, to real illnesses.

Astral Energy can be transmitted from one person to another, because every time you interact with someone, even unconsciously, bio-plasma arcs go to touch the energy field of the other subject. The nature of this “connection” depends on the type of interaction and feelings that it elicits: between two people who love streams of energy will be without asperity and pink, while negative feelings like envy will determine color streams Green-gray very gloomy.

When the feelings are very strong, the colors tonality is more heated. So the Rose of love turns orange, while the Red of the wrath takes on a gloomy tone. If the fourth level is strong and load, the subject will normally have stable interpersonal relationships and satisfactory: He will nourish good feelings for his parents, friends, partners and, in general, for him love is the foundation of life. If this level is unloaded, the relationship with others is for the subject of little importance. In This case he will prefer loneliness and tend to shy away from too close a relationship, considering them a source of discomfort. Moreover, every time a new relationship is established, cords are formed that unite the two subjects. The fourth Auric level is also important as it constitutes a bridge of passage between the physical and the spiritual worlds. In fact, the first three levels are part of the physical, emotional and mental world; The last among levels, on the other hand, are the matrix, a model, of the precedents.

Aura etheric “Matrix”-V level

The fifth layer of the aura is called the etheric body “Matrix”, because it contains all the forms of the physical plane as if it was a model or a mold: it is thus the matrix of the etheric level. This body protrudes from the physical one of about sixty centimeters. The fifth level consists of an empty space in which the etheric body can form (which in turn provides the energy and support for the physical body). It has a very elongated ovoid shape, in which the empty forms of all the organs, the limbs and the chakras can be identified (i.e. the “doors” thanks to which the exchange between external and internal energy of the observed organism takes place). These fingerprints generally appear as transparent lines on a cobalt blue background.

If the fifth level is balanced and strong, the subject will feel fulfilled in the things he does, he will always have the feeling of being in the right place the right time and will feel in harmony with what surrounds him. Most likely he will be neat and scrupulous in his projects and will tend to realize them all the way through. If the aura has distortions at the fifth level, the subject will not be satisfied with what he does and will not have a definite purpose to accomplish in life. He will often be afraid of being exploited by others for purposes he does not share. In particular, if the energy is scarce at this level, the individual will be rather messy and ill-judged those who love the order, believing them devoid of personality and creativity; Finally, you will find it difficult to understand complex or very articulate concepts. The tendency to be ordained becomes deleterious when the energy of the non-structural layers (the second and the fourth, the emotional ones) is very weak, while that of the structured layers (the odd) is strong. In this case, the obsession with the order stifles creativity.

Celestial Aura-VI level

The sixth level of the Aura consists of several luminous rays that depart from the center of the body and radiate up to seventy centimeters outwards. The celestial aura has all the colors of the iris and is not structured. If the energy of this level is balanced and strong, the rays are perfectly rectilinear and very intense. This auric state presides over spiritual emotionality, love for the divine and ecstasy; It favors meditation and prayer. If its energy is scarce, the subject will encounter many difficulties in experiencing mystical experiences and, indeed, it is difficult to understand those of others. The rays emanating are not rectilinear, but they curl and their light is dim and scarce. Those who have a very high energy charge on the sixth level tend to follow their own spirituality in order to avoid all physical experiences. To load the sixth level of the aura and to gain access to spiritual experiences, meditative techniques must be practiced consistently.

Causal Aura-VII level

This level, which protrudes from the physical body of about one metre, consists of golden lines and very intense intertwined, outlining all the components of the physical body and forming a sort of egg, called Auric Egg, which encloses the other layers of the aura. The outer part of the man is thicker and serves as protection; Through it, there is also energy exchange with the universal field.

If this level is healthy and balanced, the subject perceives its importance in the Universal divine design. In addition, it will be led to elaborate creative ideas and to understand concepts such as the meaning of the existence and nature of the world. On the contrary, if the seventh level is not very developed, you will have difficulty developing creative ideas and understanding the universal design of life. In this case the golden lines appear out and irregular, sometimes thined in some places; Then you can see tears in the Auric egg, through which you will lose energy. This situation will determine in the subject a marked annoyance with regard to his faults, which will seem unbearable to him, and he shall be in the inconclusive pursuit of a utopian perfection.

If the energy of the seventh level is much stronger than that of the other layers, the subject will develop many ideas, but will not succeed in putting them into practice. To prevent this drawback, all levels of the aura must be balanced. Even in this case, meditation can be used to reinforce the causal aura.


What is the aura?


The aura is that luminous energy that surrounds every being. To really understand why we are talking about aura, we must go far back in time and find out how thousands of years ago, although men had no scientific tools to do research, still had the ability to study a Phenomenon that still today is, at least in part, still to be understood.

The secrets of the Aura are lost in the night of time: Since antiquity, the human being has imagined, perceived and “felt” an indefinable, luminescent, vital and curative energy around him.

The studies on the Human energy field, or on the aura, begin already in the III millennium B.C. in India, where it was spoken of Prana, a form of energy that conferred the vital breath on all beings, penetrating and surrounding them.

Precisely this knowledge led to the development of therapeutic techniques based on the manipulation of energy flows, or prana, which surround the human body. These techniques were then defined with the name pranotherapy.

Even at the Chinese we find a similar concept expressed from the second millennium B.C. that they called Ch’i.

In particular, this force consisted of two distinct components, the Yin and the Yang, which had to be in equilibrium so that the man enjoyed good health.

But not only the great Oriental philosophical and mystical traditions were convinced of the existence of the aura, but also many of the Western ones. In the fifth century B.C. in fact, two Western cultures came to the conclusion that some form of energy pervaded all creation. The Jews explained it through the Kabbalah, one of their most important mystical texts, describing it as astral light emanated from the human body.

This conviction also survived in Christianity, where in many paintings the saints were depicted surrounded by a halo.

In the same period, in Greece, the Pythagicians supported the existence of a type of energy that pervades all nature and which manifests itself as a luminous body. They also thought that this produced various effects, including the curative one, on the physical body.

In the following centuries the researches on the energetic fields flourished numerous, thanks above all to alchemists like Paracelsus.

Which he called this form of iliaster energy, or to mathematicians like Helmont which posited the existence of a fluid capable of permeating all nature.

With the beginning of the twentieth century, some doctors began to study more deeply the phenomenon of aura. One of the earliest and most accomplished studies was conducted by Dr. Kilner who, thanks to the use of specially pigmented blue screens, claimed to have seen a luminescence around the body of his patients. He noticed that illnesses could obscure the aura or stain it with darker patches. These observations led him to create a diagnostic system based on the observation of form, color and density. In this way he was able to diagnose diseases such as tumors, liver infections, appendicitis, psychic illnesses and many others.


But the method most used and best known for witnessing the existence of the aura is the one prepared by the spouses Valentina and Semion Kirljan. In 1939 Semion Kirljan built an unusual photographic apparatus to detect objects immersed in a high-frequency electromagnetic field. The first subject he photographed was his hand that turned out, once the slabs were developed, surrounded by a strange luminescence that expanded beyond the fingertips. In this way he photographed not only animated subjects but also objects, demonstrating that not only living things have an aura, but the inanimate ones.

The Kirljan spouses in their experiments noted that the luminescence varied according to the physical and psychic health of the individual.

Unlike you think, the aura can be viewed by anyone, just a little bit of exercise. A method suggested by some authors, which of course we report without pretense of truthfulness, consists in placing a plant in front of a white wall in a room illuminated by daylight.

It is necessary to keep the attention on the wall and on the luminous halo that will be progressively delineating around the plant, trying with the experience to identify the colors. The luminous halo will undergo chromatic changes. Of course you can also start with other subjects, not just plants. For example, you can place your hand in front of the white wall and try to focus the attention on it until the aura is visualise.

Other authors suggest to try it in the dark, in the light of a candle screen. In this case you must first concentrate on your hands, holding them in front of your body until you will be able to perceive the luminous halo around the fingertips. It is important to try to emanate energy and then try to touch the chosen subject, even a plant, with the light rays emanating from the hands, which will become progressively longer and more lumine.

But what is the point of learning how to visualize the aura? For those who believe in its existence it is important to repossess this power because it allows us to know each other better, to identify more easily strengths and weaknesses and consequently to intervene where necessary. On the other hand perceiving the aura of others would help us to protect ourselves and, if necessary, to restore energy where it is lacking.